Substance Abuse

Understanding Addiction

What Is Addiction? Addiction is a chronic, but treatable, brain disorder. People who are addicted cannot control their need for alcohol or other drugs, even in the face of negative health, social or legal consequences. This lack of control is the result of alcohol- or drug-induced changes in the brain. Those changes, in turn, cause… Continue reading Understanding Addiction

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Milwaukee County Resources

Instructions   If you are in need of emergency shelter, please refer to the shelter list provided to you or call 211 (414-773-0211) for shelter options. Below is a list of free or low-cost crisis and other mental health resources in the Milwaukee area. Many others are available. You can call 414-773-0211 for more information.… Continue reading Milwaukee County Resources

Mental Health Wellness

Weekly Wellness Tip

Weekly Wellness Tip: Blueberries                                                           Blueberries are an amazing fruit. The fiber helps to reduce the total amount of cholesterol in the blood which decreases the risk of heart disease. New studies have shown that eating blueberries may reduce inflammation and increase cognitive function. Fun facts about blueberries: ·     Blueberries contain a compound called… Continue reading Weekly Wellness Tip